Helping Guide our Future

The Association is run by a board of Trustees, who have a range of backgrounds and experience and provide the Association with a wealth of knowledge and support. The current Trustees are shown below.

If you’d like to get in touch or have any thoughts or questions, you can email Doug Miller, Chair of Trustees, at

Doug Miller (Chair)

Doug Miller

I first started working with Rose Road in 2012 taking part in a marathon of fundraising events. I chose Rose Road as a charity to support as I knew a number of families to which they provide respite care, and I soon discovered the breadth of their services and extent of their community involvement. In my work with children with disabilities I am investigating and seeking compensation where negligence has occurred.

Rose Road makes a positive difference to young people’s lives on the basis of need not blame. This is a vital community service.

I am humbled that my fellow trustees feel I have the skills to lead Rose Road as Chair as we look to the future. We are taking steps to expand our short breaks capacity at Rose Road and are always expanding our services not only in Hampshire, but also in neighbouring counties. So the future is bright and rosy, whilst ensuring we are ready to face the challenges ahead.

Diana Heatly (Vice Chair)

Diana Heatly

I worked for the NHS as a paediatric physiotherapist until my retirement in 2010. I was Head of Therapy in Rosewood school for nearly ten years and grew to value Rose Road enormously.

I was appointed as a Trustee in 2010. I am Vice Chair of Trustees and the Chair of the Scrutiny committee. I also represented the Trustees with the Diamond Jubilee preparations in 2012.

Other interests include volunteering with swimming for disabled people, a Community First Responder, sailing, tennis, writing and NADFAS.

Chris Cundy (Treasurer)

Chris Cundy

I am the Treasurer for Rose Road. I have been a Trustee since 2010 and act as the lead Trustee on financial matters for the Association. I was previously a director at VT Group plc, where I first had contact with Rose Road during the fund raising for the Bradbury Centre, and I am now a self-employed consultant.

I am also a Trustee for Action for ME and a founder and director of Go2 Business Loans, a locally based crowd funding site. I am keen on (now watching) all sports and walking.

Con Attridge

Con Attridge

I became a Trustee in 2006 and was Chair between October 2010 and November 2015. My daughter Katie, who is autistic, has been accessing Rose Road's Short Break and Outreach services since 2006. I have specialised in the area of Human Resources for over 20 years gaining a wide range of experience. Prior to taking early retirement in 2010 I was Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development for a large not for profit Housing Association with over 800 employees.

As well as my current trustee duties I have been involved in a number of fundraising initiatives for Rose Road including successfully completing the London to Paris Cycle ride.

Jane Lyon-Maris

Jane Lyon-Maris

As soon as I qualified as a physiotherapist I knew that I wanted to work with children. So, after working with adults for the required 2 years I took myself off to Great Ormond Street and persuaded them to give me a job. The next twenty years were spent working with children, young adults and their families and carers in hospitals their homes and schools - including Mordaunt (now Rosewood) School with the Therapy team.

More recently I have done some teaching with students at Southampton University and had two children of my own. I became a trustee in 2011. I am very aware of the unique responsibilities that I hold as a trustee and am personally very grateful for all of the support and training opportunities provided for by Rose Road to ensure that I can fulfil my role within the charity.

Roxanne Magdalena

Roxanne Magdalena

I qualified as a doctor in 2004, and have worked in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry since 2007. I have a strong interest in the physical and emotional health and well-being of young people and their families.

I have three young children, one of whom is disabled. I feel that my personal as well as professional experience of disability has given me a unique perspective, and I wanted to use my experiences to give something back. I joined the Board of trustees in 2014 and I am thrilled to contribute to the fantastic services offered by Rose Road.

Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker

I have always been very passionate about the issues affecting young people with disabilities and their families. I understand the challenges they face, as I myself am a wheelchair user. I have been a Volunteer at The Rose Road Association since 2006 and I currently cover Reception one or more days a week, which allows me to have a good overview of how the Association is working. I have gained experience in several areas: Oaks & Acorns, Fundraising and Reception - this coupled with my own disability this gives me a unique viewpoint that makes a difference to my role as a trustee.

Paula Porter

Paula Porter

I think in life there is a time to learn, then a time to earn and now at my ripe old age of 52 I am feeling like it is time to return.

Rose Road and the people that work there and use the services are inspiring and that rubs off.

Being a Trustee means you can use your expertise and skills to be part of that.

Zoe Evans

Zoe Evans

I am a new trustee joining the board in 2018. I am head teacher at Rosewood free School so share a passion for working with families and young people. I have worked at Rosewood since 2004 so I am fully aware of the vital service Rose Road offers families and young people.

Over the last year we have worked jointly on strengthening the quality of provision and where we can work collaboratively. I am hoping to serve the association in this new role as trustee and develop further a positive relationship with the school community.