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How can your Company get involved?

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The way you get involved is completely up to you. Our partnership arrangements are bespoke and aim to maximise the impact for both your company as well as Rose Road. We will provide you with an Account Manager to develop ideas and work closely with you to engage your staff in the agreed charitable activity.

If you are interested in partnering with Rose Road, please contact Beth on or call 023 8072 1248. Below are some examples of how you can work with us but please give us a call so we can understand your needs/expectations and produce a tailor made partnership to suit you.

Charity of the year

Choose the Rose Road Association and we will work with you to organise a programme of activities throughout the year. You can enter teams into our events, hold your own events such as dances or bespoke challenges, or run simple fundraising schemes at work.

Give As You Earn – Payroll Giving

Give as you earn (GAYE) is a flexible scheme which allows employees to donate regularly straight from their gross salary (before tax) meaning that your donations are worth even more to your chosen charity. At Rose Road our regular donors are unbelievably important to us, regular and stable income allows us to plan for the future, weather any storms, and support families in a flexible way when they need us the most.

You can check if your employer is already signed up to the GAYE scheme at Charities Aid Foundation, and if they aren’t you can nominate them through the website.

For employers the scheme is free to set up, easy to use and a great way to promote charitable giving inside the organisation and achieve something really special. You can find our more here.

The team at local company Radcliffe & Co have been signed up to the scheme for a number of years, and have donated thousands of pounds to Rose Road across that period.

Darren Fulford, Finance Director at Radcliffe & Co said, ‘’ As a Southampton based company for over 60 years we have always been supportive of local charities and the tremendous work that they do. We feel it’s vital that the local community look after its’ own. When I heard of the Give As You Earn scheme that can be operated so easily along our payroll system, I was really keen to explore what it was. I found out that it was such an easy process that I signed up for it straight away. The paperwork is simple. I asked Rose Road in (because of the tremendous work they do for local parents and children) to present to the staff and a number of them signed up for regular donations immediately. The GAYE scheme is so easy to operate. A simple spreadsheet of donations is submitted monthly by email – your staff just have to tell you what they want to commit to. Easy!!!’’

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A staff member at Radcliffe & Co said, ‘’The work Rose Road does is invaluable. My nephew has autism and I know the impact this has had on the rest of the family and how little support is out there for them– Rose Road provides support and makes such a difference to many local families providing a safe and caring environment for them to thrive, which is not available anywhere else. A place like this for my nephew would have made a great difference to his quality of life but is sadly not available where he lives. Rose Road is a unique local facility providing services across Hampshire and needs to be supported and celebrated.’’

Volunteering and pro-bono opportunities

Staff volunteering can be extremely rewarding and can increase staff morale, teamwork and provide opportunities to gain experience.

Volunteering opportunities include:

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Corporate sponsorship

You can sponsor an event, a bedroom or a range of charity information, (e.g. newsletters, factsheets, events booklet) which can be a fantastic advertising opportunity.

Company Tax relief

Your limited company pays less Corporation tax when it gives the following to charity:

You can claim tax relief by deducting the value of your donations from your total business profits before you pay tax.

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