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Young adult day services


#Destinations is a service that provides young adults that attend Rose Road all day with activities and sessions with purpose.

We create a person-centred plan to help them to achieve their own personal goals and to inspire them. Each individual has 1:1 staffing to help them to work towards their targets.

Being part of the outreach provision this service is very community based. We use visits in our local community, planned activities and engaging sessions to help our young people to become more independent, and preparing them for the next steps in their lives.

The Hut @ Rose Road

This provision is for college leavers and young adults aged 24-26, that require a combination of education and community based services we have The Hut @ Rose Road.

This service is run in the building next door to the Bradbury Centre and we see it as a stepping stone to #Destinations.

The Hut @ Rose Road blends the feel of an education setting alongside giving our young adults access to the community and activities, allowing them to thrive in a safe space and prepare them for a more independent life and a positive future.