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All Aboard!

Rose Road have teamed up with South Western Railway to deliver the 'All Aboard' project, making rail travel more accessible for profoundly disabled people and their families.

We have developed several resources, including accessible travel guides for local stations and some of the region's favourite destinations.

Create a custom travel guide

Our easy-read travel guides include everything you'd need to plan a fun trip by train. They contain easy read station guides, things to spot on the journey and a checklist for buying tickets and accessing the train.

Just pick a starting railway station and the place you'd like to visit.

Build your travel guide

Accessible Maps

We are really grateful to Ordnance Survey who, as part of the project, have developed a range of maps for Southampton, Portsmouth and Eastleigh, which highlight important features for those with additional accessibility needs. For example, from accessible toilets and changing spaces, to obstacles on paths.

Take a FREE trip with All Aboard

We're looking for disabled teenagers and young adults across Hampshire to help us evaluate our travel guide tool and provide feedback on their experiences travelling by rail.

As part of the project we will:

  • Pay for the return rail journey for the young person plus one parent/carer
  • Arrange all bookings and tickets
  • Provide you with a print out of our travel guide

All we ask in return is for feedback about your journey by completing our journey evaluation pack.

Email our team to arrange a trip

Learn about rail travel through play

Play the All Aboard game

Can you overcome the barriers faced by disabled people and visit fun destinations using the SWR rail network? Follow the rules, and race other players back to Southampton to win! Email us to get a copy of the game.

Challenge friends online

Find 'All Aboard ' on Tabletopia, a multi-platform environment for playing board games online with other people just like in real life! Get the game on Steam, Google Play and the App Store.

Sensory story sack

We've developed a sensory story about a train trip for younger disabled people with songs, sensory experiences, choices to make, and fun props for play.

About the Project

'All Aboard' is a two year project that started in April 2020 with the aim of developing resources that help break down barriers for disabled rail users and their families and increase their confidence in using the train to access local destinations.

We're driven by a steering committee who'll monitor our progress, provide constructive ideas, and help evaluate project resources.

Download project overview