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Rose Road Association Trustees

Leading our team

Rose Road is led by a board of Trustees, who's range of backgrounds and experience provide the Association with a wealth of knowledge and support.

Our Trustees work closely with our Senior Management Team to ensure Rose Road maintains high standards, and also our Ambassadors who help spread the word about our services.

You can download our full list of Trustees, or email our Chair of Trustees, Doug Miller, below:

List of Trustees


Trustees at a glance

Doug Miller

Chair of Trustees

Getting involved with Rose Road through a fundraising marathon run in 2012 Doug learned about our services and has continued to support us since.

Julie Gomer

Treasurer and Vice Chair

As a qualified accountant in the charitable sector Julie enjoys being on the board of trustees and now retired, spends time volunteering with the fundraising team.

Con Attridge

Vice Chair

Retired Head of Human Resources and father of one of our young people, Con has been involved with Rose Road since 2006 and has raised money through exciting challenges.

Jane Lyon-Maris

Rose Road Trustee

A trustee since 2011, Jane spent over 20 years working to support young children at Great Ormond Street and continues to support them through her work.

Chris Cundy

Rose Road Trustee

A trustee since 2010 Chris also sits on the board for Action for ME and is the founder and director of Go2 Business Loans.

Sarah Parker

Rose Road Trustee

With experience working across many departments at Rose Road Sarah is passionate about issues affecting young people with disabilities. As a wheelchair user herself she brings a unique viewpoint as a trustee.

Zoe Evans

Rose Road Trustee

The Head Teacher at Rosewood Free School Zoe shares the same passions as Rose Road and has worked on strengthening the quality of provision collaboratively.

Sam Clough

Rose Road Trustee

Director at BECG, and a close friend of one of Rose Road’s family’s Sam brings a wealth of knowledge in business supporting Rose Road in a range of projects.

Sheila Stokes White

Rose Road Trustee

With a huge range of experience working in organisation development across the UK and author of ‘The Ethics of Work’, Sheila brings extensive expertise to our board of trustees.

Paul Best

Rose Road Trustee

Trustee since 2019 Paul is an award winning chartered Landscape Architect and Urban Designer who has recently supported Rose Road auctioning his beautiful paintings.