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Making rail travel more accessible

One of the main barriers to travelling by rail as a disabled person is knowing what to expect on the journey and having to plan in advance.

Our easy-read travel guides are designed to help you plan your journey and know what to expect. They include planning tools, information on individual stations and guides to local destinations.

Use our tool below to download a custom guide from your chosen station to wherever you'd like to visit!

Create your custom travel guide

Create a custom travel guide for your next rail journey

Our travel guide contains loads of helpful information to help you arrive safely at your destination, including:

  • Key facts about your destination.
  • Easy read guide to travelling by train
  • Photo route to your chosen destination

Downloading your guide is really easy - use our tool to pick a station to depart from, and the place you'd like to visit.

Build your travel guide

Take a trip with All Aboard

We're looking for disabled young adults across Hampshire to help us evaluate our travel guides and feedback on their experiences travelling by rail.

If you are a young person with a disability and/or additional need, who loves to travel by rail then we would very much like you to take part in the All Aboard project. We would particularly like to hear from teenagers and young adults.

As part of the project we will:

  • Pay for the return rail journey for the young person plus one parent/carer
  • Arrange all bookings and tickets
  • Provide you with a print out of our travel guide

All we ask in return is for feedback about your journey from completing our journey evaluation pack.

Email our team to arrange a trip