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Rose Road Christmas Appeal Message 2020

Photo of young person, his support worker and his Christmas tree footprint picture

This is the time of year when we would usually send out the annual Rose Road Christmas Appeal message...

We would normally be asking you to come along to our Christmas Fair and buy some gifts, have a go at our festive competitions and enjoy a home made cake (or even two).

We would usually be inviting you to Carol Concerts, Nativity plays and photo opportunities with Father Christmas.

We would normally be selling centre pieces for your Christmas table crafted by our children and beautifully made knitted and sewn items made by our wonderful team of volunteers.

We would usually be running coffee mornings with mince pies and quizzes with festive prizes.

We would be hosting parties for our families and making sure that everyone has gifts to take home.

This year is different. It is not normal and it is not usual.

And for some of our families it has been an incredibly difficult year.

We are very fortunate – we have managed to stay open throughout the year, all of our services continuing to support our families.

Our Christmas Appeal message this year is this:

Please keep yourself safe. Please keep your families and loved ones safe.

If you have lost your job or are scared about the future or have had a loved one become ill or are anxious or stressed then our thoughts are with you. Please let us know if we can help you.

If you are willing, and in a position to do so, please consider supporting charities like us if you can. Please consider donating what you might have spent on going to the pub, attending works Christmas parties, going to Christmas events like the ones we would normally run or travelling to and from work if you are homeworking.

You may not choose to donate to us, that’s fine, all charities are set up to do good things for other people. Please do look around and see how you might help those in greatest need.

Every little really does count and we all need your help.

Donate to Rose Road here