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Beyond proud

Rose Road's CEO

So we are three weeks into the new restrictions and it is not looking likely that these will be lifted soon.

There are so many feelings swirling around at the moment.

Nervousness about the risks that the virus continues to present.

Concern about the decisions that we take every day – are they the right ones? Are we doing the best that we can?

Frustration with the reams and reams of COVID19 information updates – you have to read them all because if you don’t you might miss that vital new piece of information that might change the way we run our service.

Anger at the people who are not taking this seriously.

Compassion for the people who know exactly how serious this is.

Sadness for the friends, colleagues and family members that we so badly want to see and hug.

I will never take a hug for granted again. If when this is all over I hug you – cut me some slack – I am hug-deprived!

One emotion greets me again and again in my working day and in my non-working reflection time.

And that is Pride.

Pride in all of those staff who are turning their faces towards our Rose Road families, and away from their own needs, and delivering the best possible service that they can.

Staff who are overcoming barriers every single day and adapting their work to be as safe as possible.

Staff who are working well outside of their job descriptions and meeting the needs of the Association so that we can keep running at this time.

Staff who continue to smile and laugh and be professional and positive in the face of one of the most frightening situations many of them have ever encountered.

I do not for one moment under-estimate how frightening this can be. Our staff cannot socially distance from the people that they are looking after.

But when the parent of a child holds onto them at the door of our building and cries and begs for a night’s respite, they do not think twice but they turn to the emergency funding pot and fill another bed.

I am beyond proud that the staff team have kept us open when it would have been far, far easier to close.

I don’t think we will ever be quite the same again.