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2.6 challenge montage of photos

Team Rose Road raise £4,596 doing the 2.6 challenge!

You danced, bounced, flipped, jumped, planked, paddled, decorated, celebrated, cross trained, pretended to be Yoda and did endless squats for us for the 2.6 Challenge! THANK YOU!

Together we raised an amazing £4,596! We’re so unbelievable grateful to everyone who took part, there were some truly inspired, creative and down right crazy ideas and we’ve loved hearing about them and seeing the evidence!

In this current climate we continue to remain open for our families who need us, and we know that for many of our families right now they need us more than ever. Life at Rose Road may look a little different, with huge cleaning regimes, lots of PPE and many event and fundraising cancellations, but what’s really amazing to know is that even in this climate we still have the support of our wonderful community – THANK YOU!

Here’s our amazing CEO Juno’s 2.6 Alphabet challenge as evidence of her commitment to the cause – it turns out there really isn’t anything she won’t do for Rose Road!