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Radcliffe & Co's 5 Million Step Challenge

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Throughout September 2022, Radcliffe & Co took part in a fitness fundraiser with all proceeds going to Rose Road. Whether it was a walk, run, gym session or sporting activity, we set ourselves the target of covering 5 million steps and raising £1,000 between us over the month to show our support and get everyone active.

29 staff took part in the challenge, recording their activities on their smart device or app so we could track how many steps and the distance we covered... and we are proud to say we smashed our targets!

The total step count was 7,040,093 (over 2 million steps above their target) and the total amount raised for Rose Road was £1,130.

To round off the great news, Radcliffe & Co kindly decided to match the amount raised by everyone, bringing the grand total to £2,260, which is just incredible in only one month!

Radcliffe & Co have been a long-standing supporter of the work Rose Road carry out and we are grateful for all the donations that their generous staff have made and continue to make to Rose Road through challenges like this, through salary giving and by taking part in our corporate events.

If you and your organisation are interested in making a big difference to the lives of disabled children and young people, find out how to become a Corporate Supporter here.