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Rose Road delighted to retain 'Good' Ofsted rating

young person with support worker

We are delighted to be able to inform you that we have retained our ‘Good’ overall grading from Ofsted.

The inspection took place in October last year but due to a number of unavoidable delays we only received our final report a couple of weeks ago. The full report is available on both the Ofsted website and our own here.

Some of the highlights from the report include:

“Children make good progress and then, as well as their parents and carers, benefit from the short breaks provided.”
We take a lot of pride in ensuring the children we support in Acorns receive support and development that enables them to thrive. It’s wonderful that Ofsted were able to see this in action during their inspection visit.

“Staff have good relationships with parents and carers and respond positively to concerns.”
We take all concerns raised seriously and investigate them quickly and effectively. The report later found “Transparent and thorough investigations have been carried out….. The learning from this has been shared with the management team and staff.”

“Leaders and managers ensure that safeguarding remains a focus on the work. Specific themes, for example the importance of induction and the use of social media are shared with staff and discussed in supervisions.”
We take safeguarding extremely seriously at Rose Road. We have a monthly Safeguarding team meeting where we discuss legislative changes, local, regional and national incidents and outcomes of investigations and agree a theme for a monthly safeguarding communication which is sent to all staff and then discussed in their regular supervisions. In a recent staff survey 100% of staff reported they felt confident in how to report safeguarding concerns and 100% confident that they would be taken seriously.

Our overall effectiveness in leadership and management was picked up – highlighting a few concerns which we have taken immediate remedial action to resolve. We hadn’t updated Ofsted with Our Statement of Purpose. The change was that Steve Swift had taken over as the new CEO. The new statement of purpose had been shared with a wide range of people but Ofsted had been missed off the distribution list. They have now received the up to date copy.

There was a concern raised where a risk assessment didn’t mirror exactly the care plan with regards to one aspect of personal care. This was rightly picked up by Oftsed and we have reviewed all risk assessments as a result to ensure they contain the same information.

There was a concern raised regarding confidentiality and care plans. I would like to assure you that there is no risk to any child’s personal information being seen by staff who shouldn’t be reviewing it. Care plans are issued to the staff supporting the child the plan regards. There are times where other staff may be required to provide additional support to that child and therefore will be required to review the care plan. We uphold the same high standards of confidentiality as we have for many years, in-line with GDPR and digital social care best practice. We are currently looking to introduce a digital care plan system which will not only help us to provide better care but will also address Ofsted’s concerns about care plan sharing.

As mentioned above, we are very pleased to have retained our overall grading of ‘Good’ and we continue to ensure that the care and support we provide is to the highest standards. Where areas of improvement are identified, we put in place clear plans in order to achieve these improvements, and we hold each other to account in equal measure.

If you would like to discuss the report in more detail then please do get in touch with either myself, Steve Swift (CEO) or Tina Fullbrook (Head of Care).

Steve Swift,
CEO, Rose Road