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Noah's story

The 2023 Big Give Christmas Challenge is here, where your donation will be matched and doubled, making your gift go twice as far to create more opportunities for disabled young people to get active and outdoors with Rose Road!

Young people like Noah.


Noah, 15, is a “really happy little guy”, says his Mum Sheila.

“He likes a lot of silliness and has a wicked sense of humour. He’s really sociable and that’s where Rose Road have helped us so much as it’s difficult to meet the needs of all 3 of our children.”

“He loves to be with his brothers, but they are younger and can be equally demanding. It’s been difficult finding the time to dedicate to both Noah and them, without him switching off as he isn’t being stimulated”.

“Noah started with Rose Road about 4 years ago with Outreach for two afternoons a week. As a family it’s a life saver, I work full time and I can’t always be at home so it’s a lifeline to have someone look after him. It just gives us more time and takes a huge amount of pressure off.”

“You can see the excitement on Noah’s face when he knows he’s going to Rose Road".

"At his age he also doesn’t always want to be with us, so Rose Road give him some independence away from us, to do new things and make friends. We wouldn’t have any other means of providing that for him if it wasn’t for Rose Road.”

Noah and Ellie

Noah’s Support Worker Ellie adds: “Noah’s very happy and loves causing mischief! He’s made a lot of friends here, with the staff as well as other young people, as he’s got strong social skills. He really values the friendships he’s built over the years and has a lot of fun. At this time of year we often visit the Southampton Christmas market, but he always loves to be out and about where he can hang out with friends.”

Noah's mum concludes “I don’t know what I would do without you guys, Rose Road have been invaluable and Noah loves his time that he spends with you”.

Please donate to our Big Give project to support more young people like Noah and his family.

For many disabled children & young people the barriers to accessing nature and getting outside are high. Transport is inflexible and expensive, families can be exhausted and overwhelmed, the risks can feel high for those with complex medical needs and finding information on accessibility of venues can be really challenging.

Your donation will create opportunities for more new and unique experiences, helping young people belong, develop friendships, learn new skills and feel pride in their achievements. Your donation will also impact the whole family, enabling them to thrive and reduce stress and isolation knowing their young person is safe and happy at Rose Road.

Remember, all donations made to the Big Give this week will be match and doubled, making your gift go twice as far! Donate today at www.roseroad.org.uk/biggive.

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