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Krystal and Jamie’s Story

My first memory was when I was 3. I was looking into my Nan's fish tank and asked my Auntie Charlotte where my mum was. My Auntie told me that my mum was in hospital and when she came home I would have a new baby brother or sister. A few days later she brought home with her the most beautiful baby I had ever seen!

My beautiful brother Jamie was born with Downs Syndrome and two holes in his heart. But to me, he was perfect. He was my Disney film loving, football playing, tickle monster.

My brother adored his time at Rose Road. It game my mum and I some precious time together too. He would be excited to go there, and have so many stories to tell us when he came home.

My Brother died of Cancer when he was only 10.

I was only 13, and I ate everything in sight instead of dealing with my feelings. By the time I was in my twenties I was 21 stone and a size 24.

As an adult I would see these things on TV that other people were doing and I would be in awe! Marathons! Skydives! The idea to me was up there with flying into space. All incredible and equally out of my reach.

I struggled to lace up my shoes, walk a flight of stairs, I couldn't get on the rides at Paulton’s Park because the safety bar couldn't fit over my stomach. I envied people in boots! Oh, to be able to get boots over my calves.

But now is my time!

I've lost 10 stone with Slimming World and I am going to fly. I'm going to do it while raising money for a place that that saw my brother as an individual. A place that saw his capabilities rather than his disabilities.

I now work for The Rose Road Association and love being a Support Worker to some of the many young people who use the services there.

I am finally getting to this amazing challenge and take part in a Skydive with Rose Road. To do this I'm asking that you please sponsor me. If you are able please visit my Just Giving page here. Thank you.

From Krystal and Jamie.