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April's story

The 2023 Big Give Christmas Challenge is here, where your donation will be matched and doubled, making your gift go twice as far to create more opportunities for disabled young people to get active and outdoors with Rose Road!

Young people like April.

April at the beach

April, 22, who has Autism, has been having Respite breaks at Rose Road since she was 6 years old and now uses the Outreach service too, since finishing college.

Karl, April’s dad, says: “April loves going out. She can get really excited about going on trips but can also struggle with extreme anxiety and doesn’t always cope well with taking on new activities. But Rose Road are excellent at managing these situations. They get to know her, plan activities around her interests and work so patiently with her”.

“She struggles to express how she feels and can become very distressed. And naturally as a young woman, she doesn’t really want to be with her parents anyway."

"She wants to be with friends and have some independence from us; she can be herself at Rose Road”.

“Rose Road work with us constantly to make sure April is happy. Recently she hasn’t wanted us to drop her off, so the Support Workers come to our home to collect her, which makes her much happier”.

April at a train station

“Rose Road are just fantastic. They give her the fun days out that we can’t manage.

They go on the trains, which April loves, and it gives my wife Kim and I that vital rest we need, to get things done and have time with each other. We’d be on our own and feel very isolated without Rose Road.”

April’s mum, Kim, explains: “April is social and likes being in a group. She needs stimulation and wants friends. We can’t give her all of that, but Rose Road does, and she bonds so well to her Support Workers and is always so excited to go to Rose Road”.

April at the bowling rink

“It is an essential service for me and Karl and for us as a couple, it just takes the pressure off and to be honest, it’s kept us together! When April is out with the Outreach team, it allows me to do my classes, walk the dog, and just feel normal. Things like this wouldn’t be possible without them”.

“Respite at Rose Road is a lifesaver. We have stayed together as a family thanks to Rose Road!”

Please donate to our Big Give project to support more young people like April and her family.

For many disabled children & young people the barriers to accessing nature and getting outside are high. Transport is inflexible and expensive, families can be exhausted and overwhelmed, the risks can feel high for those with complex medical needs and finding information on accessibility of venues can be really challenging.

Your donation will create opportunities for more new and unique experiences, helping young people belong, develop friendships, learn new skills and feel pride in their achievements. Your donation will also impact the whole family, enabling them to thrive and reduce stress and isolation knowing their young person is safe and happy at Rose Road.

Remember, all donations made to the Big Give this week will be match and doubled, making your gift go twice as far! Donate today at www.roseroad.org.uk/biggive.

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