Rose Road will continue providing services during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Our 2021 COVID Statement

Photo of a service user and outreach worker

We find ourselves, once again, at a critical time for the families of those who use our services at Rose Road.

Many other settings are now having to close their doors to families or are having their services significantly reduced.

This means that our families need our support more than ever.

This lockdown 3 feels different, whilst we have the light of a vaccine at the end of the tunnel, we have some way to go to get to that light.

We are working in an environment where the virus is now more transmissible than ever and our efforts to maintain COVID-safety must redouble. We must do more than we did before.

We are also wrestling with the need for regular testing for our staff. Some 180 tests currently required to be carried out every week to help identify any asymptomatic cases.

We are committed to remaining open for our families for as long as it is safe to do so.

If and when it is no longer safe we will make the best judgement that we can, we follow Government guidance at all times and work closely with our funding commissioners in the Local Authorities to this end.

We are committed to playing our part in keeping the pressure on primary care services and the NHS down and to support our key workers and essential workers by providing additional care for their children where possible.

Our updated COVID risk assessments are publicly available on our website here

As we head into an uncertain few weeks and months we pay tribute to our incredible, compassionate and brave frontline staff.

Being brave is not doing something big that doesn’t make you scared – it is coming to work to support those in need even when you are scared.

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