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Juno’s June Blog 2021

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Well, here we are.

I had this month’s blog all planned out in advance – a nice, neat narrative about how we can compare the mid-summer solstice with the lifting of lockdown.

Some delightful analogies around the rise of the sun for a fresh new dawn and an amusing aside reference to long days and working during COVID.

I also had something thought provoking about the sun as well…..actually…hang on – that’s too good to waste so here it is anyway since it will still be the solstice on Monday, unless that has been cancelled as well and no-one has told me yet……

I learned something Very Important the other morning when I was walking the dog.

I don’t often learn Very Important Things on the morning dog walk – I more usually muse on the quality of poos and wonder which email in the day ahead will be the one that sends my adrenalin sky high. The two musings are sort of interlinked.

Anyway – I digress.

All through my life I have enjoyed the sun. I enjoy the feeing of the warmth on that first day in spring when a tee shirt feels permissible.

As a child my favourite past-time was to sit on Stokes Bay beach and watch the sparkles of sun on the sea.

Not those little half-hearted glints you understand – but those huge, diamond, startling sparkles that seem impossible as they dance and jump about on the waves. You can almost hear them crackling and rattling as if from some other fantasy world.

If the sun is shining towards you it can be hard to see them but get the sun behind you and they assault your senses in a powerful way. I swear I could smell them as they hissed and glistened.

Then for some reason I spent the rest of my life enjoying the sun the other way around.

It’s sunny. Must turn my face to it. Shade my eyes with sunglasses. Peer at faces that mold into blobs against the glare. Squint. Deal with the total impossibility of seeing when returning indoors.

Likewise with work – work harder, face the challenges and opportunities, push away the discomfort, glare into the lights that come towards you, shine harder, brighter, tougher, be at the front of the light.

When you face the sun it can be hard to see the detail of what is in-front of you.

This is what I re-discovered on my dog walk.

I went a different way around one morning.

The sun was behind me.

The pain was less, I did not squint but looked with wide eyes at everything that I could see.

I enjoyed the reflections and did not need to be in the spotlight.

My eyes talked to my mind and my mind listened more and better.

Next time I sat in the sun – I let the light come from behind me, I saw so much and truly appreciated the colour of the light itself.

And so with work – as we come out of COVID, on July 19th or whenever, I want to see more.

I was us to reflect other organisations’ work and shine a light on that where it is good.

I want us to shout loud about great things that others are doing, not just what we are doing that is great.

I want to see the detail, the subtleties, the nuances that otherwise hide in the shade where others don’t see them.

Can we do this?

I don’t know.

But here is the commitment to try.