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Juno's January Blog 2021

Clipart image of postcards


I’m not doing it.

I refuse.

I won’t.

I can’t spill out any more COVID dire-ness cunningly twisted to be amusing.

So – instead, I am going to send you a postcard from the future.

Thingyday the Somethingth of Whatsit Month

So nice to see all of our Rose Road vehicles in use as our community outreach service users head out for a fun filled day of bowling, picnics, the cinema for the latest Bond release and some retail therapy.

It’s really quiet here in the Bradbury Centre with so many people out and about and it was lovely when (un-named staff member) brought their new baby in for a pass around and a cuddle! We love new baby visits. It also gave us a chance to pull up all those yellow and black social distancing spacer tapes and remove over 200 COVID posters and a couple of dozen sanitisation stations.

We had our delivery of Rose Road head bands today ready for the series of outdoor festivals that we will be attending this weekend, there are thousands due to be there and we are looking forward to spreading the Rose Road message in the forecast sunshine.

Our coffee mornings are going from strength to strength and we are looking forward to welcoming some new faces at our long-planned ‘new families’ event.

Our siblings project also started today and it was great to see so many people enjoying the visiting farm and circus workshop getting some really exciting hands-on experiences, seeing so many people crammed into the garden was a real joy.

Playschemes are really enjoying the ‘PPE Recycling Craft’ sessions and are making all sorts of exciting fashion pieces and accessories out of aprons and masks, BBC South Today are coming along to see how they are getting on and Sir David Attenborough has applauded their creativity especially with the plastic elements.

Thanks to everyone who turned up for the weekly ‘Hug a Front Line Worker’ event, brilliant to see how many terrific initiatives have come out of the recent troubles.

I’m very grateful to everyone in admin who has been relentlessly working through deleting piles of COVID returns and testing records, lovely to see all that free space on our electronic filing system.

Quick reminder to all transport operatives and escorts to return their bulky sanitising kits to the office, bet you’ll be pleased to have that boot space back!

It’s budget setting time of year again and we are working out the new pricing structure for our services. It’s really good to see the new Government banding systems come into play for our frontline staff ranging from ‘Expert Professional First Order’ to ‘Highly Qualified Essential Person’ all attracting excellent and competitive rates of pay, health packages and benefits.

Don’t forget the staff and families annual party which will be taking place as usual, do bring friends along as well, we have barbecues, a fire pit, hog roasts, fun activities and a disco until late for those of you who have the energy to rave it up on a crowded dance floor!

I hope everyone has something fun planned for the Government ‘COVID Thank You Bank Holiday Double Bill’, known henceforward as ‘Herd Immunity Holiday’. We are going to grab dinner at our favourite pub followed by an evening at the Mayflower Theatre, we then have some friends staying overnight and a big breakfast party the following day. Then we’re off to Portugal for a few days for some beach sunshine! After that I am looking forward to seeing my sister’s new dog which she acquired during lockdown and I have never met – oh – and I am looking forward to seeing my sister as well! And hugging somebody……anybody……anybody at all…….

OK – that last bit might have been a personal postcard to myself just to remind myself that….you know…..it will end…..it really will….and we are on our way…..