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The Winston Book

We are really excited to announce Winston’s debut as an author… introducing The Winston Book! Meet Winston, the posh pup with plenty of opinions! Read his stories with lots of walkie-doos and smelly poos!

Winston, the flat-coated retriever has written a book. Full of all the important matters such as the appropriate quantity of treats and ear scratches. Winston loves getting into a bit of trouble and chatting about his adventures with Mum Juno, Dad Kev, and his friends Stewie Cat and many more.

Mum: Winston I told you not to go in the lake.
Winston: How do I know what a lake is. I am a dog.

Mum: Winston that was really embarrassing.
Winston: But she was so beautiful and she smelled sooooo good.
Mum: But that was no excuse for your behaviour.
Winston: I think it's polite to be positive and appreciative.
Mum: Winston you shoved your tongue in her ear. Repeatedly.
Winston: Your point is?

All proceeds of this book go directly to The Rose Road Association, making a positive difference to the lives of young disabled people.

It makes a perfect gift or keepsake.

Order yours on the form below.

Or for more information email us or call 02380 721213.

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