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The Great Virtual Bake Off

Sunday 2nd August 2020, Facebook Virtual Event

Roll up your sleeves and have your rolling pins at the ready for the Rose Road Great Virtual Bake Off challenge!

Even though this year has had us all feeling like a split creme pat, and we may want to throw an Iain Watters and just chuck the whole thing in the bin, we are here with some chocolate buttercream to fill in all the cracks!

This summer each of you will get a chance to show off your talents as we challenge you to some of our Rose Road recipes.

Our staff and volunteers will be sharing some well loved tasty treats and we want to see you make them, can you do it as well as the original?

Join in this bake off season for cake week, pastry week, and everything in between!

The event will be running from the beginning of August for 5 weeks with a different challenge each week!

And hey, holiday bodies are cancelled anyway!

For more information email us or call (0)23 8072 1213.

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