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Super Hero Challenge 20

Monday 20th July 2020, Faceboook Virtual Event

This July we are so excited to be running our Superhero Challenge 20 event!


Kicking off from the 20th of July we are spending the whole week honoring our very own superheros.

Hop, skip, jump, sing, bake, or knit your way to saying thank you for being so amazing!

Our wonderful staff at Rose Road have been working harder than ever in strange circumstances all the way through this pandemic supporting even more families from more areas and constantly adapting to provide help and care.

2020 has already been such a crazy year, we are coming up with our own crazy challenges all around the number 20.

Go for a 20 minute walk dressed in your own made up superhero costume, do 20 super drawings, bake 20 biscuits, knit 20 socks, cycle 20 miles, send 20 letters to the superheros in your life.

Whatever you want your challenge to be, take part, dedicate it to our superheros, post it on your Facebook page and tag 5 people, and donate! £5, £10, £20 or whatever you can - it is all going to support the most super people!

Our superheros are all of the staff still going above and beyond for children, young people and families living with disability. They are all of the children who are trying their best to cope when they don't really understand why their favorite outreach worker has to wear a mask and doesn't give so many cuddles. All of the parents and carers with disabled young people at home trying to navigate lockdown life while also trying to keep someone vulnerable safe.

Thank you for being superheros.



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