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Learning Disability Carers Stress Support Sessions

Help recognise and manage stress in one of these free Zoom Sessions run by Southern Health.

Our colleagues in the Southern Health Community Learning Disability Health Team are holding two Zoom sessions on 10th February and 23rd February for any carers of people with learning disabilities to join.

The sessions aim to help people to recognise their own stress, how it accumulates, how the person can recognise their symptoms of stress as early as possible (breaking it down to be more easily understood - what are their thoughts, physical symptoms, behaviours, emotions and how they work as a nasty cycle). There will also be techniques to manage stress.

Dates, times and links for both sessions are below. Carers don’t need to book in advance they can just join on the day.

Wednesday 10th February at 15:30:
Meeting ID: 697 4034 6780
Passcode: 018303
Join Zoom Meeting Here

Tuesday 23rd February at 11:00:
Meeting ID: 687 7047 8562
Passcode: 462876
Join Zoom Meeting Here