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NEW! Come along to our free Stay and Play fun sessions for children with disabilities aged 0-16 living in the 'PO1-PO6' area. There's fun for all ages with a playframe, ball pits, bean bags and craft and sensory play. The next date will be on the 15th March at Wacky Warehouse, Kingston Road. For more information please contact Sue Burton on 0300 303 8680.

Our fantastic Playschemes run throughout the year during the school holidays with a wide range of free flow play, structured activities and trips. Here at the Rose Road Association we believe every child matters and has the right to play in a safe and caring environment.

In order to be eligible to attend you must either live in Hampshire and / or your child must attend a Hampshire school and have a Gateway Card. The Gateway Card is free and will give you access to activities, play schemes and buddy schemes available through a range of short breaks programme. Please visit to find out more.

In order to be eligible to attend our Bradbury Centre scheme, you will need to join the Buzz Network. If you need more information, please visit the website.

Your child will have the opportunity to meet and form new friendships with similar aged local children. Activity and Playschemes are a great way for children to discover new interests, explore new activities and can be a great energy-burner!

Our fun themed activities offer a balance of structure and imagination that encourage children's creativity, enable them to develop confidence and allow them to have fun.

All our schemes provide a wide range of high quality activities that children and young people can participate in meaningfully with friends. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and will adapt our sessions to suit each individual child or young person's needs as much as possible.

Use your Gateway Card to access Rose Road Playschemes

Our activities include:

  • Art/crafts activities
  • Sensory and soft play
  • Sports and swimming
  • Music
  • Cookery
  • Construction and building
  • Trips to: Paultons Park/Marwell Zoo/Cycles for All/Cinema/Bowling/Harry Potter World/Legoland/Longdown Dairy Farm and many more!

All the schemes include quiet areas for children and young people to take time out and relax if needed.

A typical session will have a direction of between 6 to 8 hours depending on the scheme. Our staffing ratios where appropriate are 1 to 2. Our staff attend mandatory training, with some staff receiving further intensive training to deal with more complex and additional needs, with a paramount importance on ensuring the well-being, health and safety of all those attending the Playschemes.

We ask all Parents and Carers to complete a comprehensive Care Plan before a child or young person attends to help us understand your child and ensure we are able to meet their individual needs. If you wish we are also happy to arrange a home visit with yourselves, the Scheme Leader & the Service Co-ordinator to have an informal chat regarding your child’s attendance, and to meet them and help make them feel comfortable.

You can pre-book for the days that suit you, from one or two days to a whole week, places are limited so please book early.

Dates are now available for the next Holiday Schemes. For more information or to book a place please contact the Services Admin Team on: 023 8072 1208 or email

We hope that as a user of our services, a user of our facilities or anyone who works with Rose Road you find that we provide high quality care and support. However if you do wish to make a complaint about our services this will be treated seriously and promptly.
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