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James loves coming to Rose Road and has made some good friends, he likes his stay to coincide with his friends where possible as he really enjoys sharing the social opportunities provided. He is diagnosed as having Arthrogryposis, severe learning disabilities and tinnitus. Whilst at Rose Road we are encouraging James to be independent including making own drinks and meals where possible, however when he is tired James may need help with meal times. We are also working with him on developing his social and communication skills. James communicates by pointing and gestures, he also knows some basic Makaton mainly for members of the family. He is developing skills in using an iPad and likes you to talk about his day using photos and images. Whilst he is ambulant he can have very poor balance especially when tired and may trip over and fall. When he is wobbly and tired he uses a wheelchair, he also finds uneven surfaces very difficult.

"We are extremely grateful to be allocated this extra overnight stay, in particular at present we find ourselves in more trying circumstances. My husband was diagnosed recently with a very serious illness, following an operation he is now undergoing intensive chemo and radio therapy - knowing that James is safe and well at Rose Road and able to enjoy as much normality as possible is hugely important to us.

This trust night had given us another day and night when I can concentrate my time on my husband and other children as we continue daily visits to hospital for treatment. It means an extra undisturbed night when we can gain some much needed rest and relaxation. Many thanks indeed". James' Family

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