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At Rose Road Gifts in wills (legacies) help us to make long-term plans and ensure that after celebrating our Diamond Jubilee in 2012, Rose Road will be here for another 60 years.

In an increasingly challenging climate for smaller charities and voluntary organisations, navigating these choppy waters (just like Kathy and Katie pictured on their boating trip!) requires skill and expertise, but crucially financial support. My daughter Katie has been coming to Rose Road for 7 years - she is autistic and has a number of significant challenges, but the staff at Rose Road are wonderful and she really has blossomed. As well as providing respite for both Katie and my family, she has also developed some fantastic communication skills. Katie loved her trip on the ‘Flying Fish’ sailing boat last year, a great example of just how much she has developed her self-confidence.

After you have provided for your friends and family, perhaps you could consider leaving a gift in your will to Rose Road.

Looking to the future, our aim is to do more, for more families. The need is growing and we are being contacted by neighbouring counties to discuss new children attending Rose Road. For example, we know that across Southampton and Hampshire there are c. 14,000 young people aged under 18 who have what is termed moderate to severe disabilities, and adult numbers are far higher. This gives an idea of the scale involved, and those who might want or need to access any new facilities or services at a time when funding and resources are under very real pressure.

Leaving a legacy in your will to Rose Road will help to ensure our future and the vital support we provide for so many local families – we are very fortunate that Katie can benefit from the wonderful care and opportunities Rose Road provides, help us so that others might join her - thank you.

Con Attridge, Trustee and Father to Katie, Rose Road Association

Legacies left to Rose Road make a significant contribution to our work, and we are extremely grateful for each gift we receive - thank you. If you are considering leaving a gift in your will and would like to discuss this please contact Kim Barton-Smith on 02380 721201 or email

As well as lifetime gifts you can also make gifts to us under your Will.

This can be either a fixed sum (known as a 'Pecuniary Legacy'), or part or all of your estate once other gifts have been distributed (known as a 'Residuary Legacy').

As we are a charity any gifts to us are completely free of inheritance tax. This means that if your estate is subject to inheritance tax 40% less will go to the tax man and can be spent on our good causes.

In addition if you leave 10% of your chargeable estate (generally the bit that is subject to Inheritance Tax) to charity you not only get the 40% tax saving on the charitable gift but you also reduce the tax paid by your non charitable beneficiaries from 40% to 36%. This does mean, in some circumstances, if you are already making gifts to charities under your Will by increasing them to 10% of your chargeable estate as well as giving more to good cause it can also increase the amount going the other beneficiaries as well!

If you are looking to take advantage of this we would suggest taking professional advice to ensure your Will is drafted to take full benefit of the tax savings.

If you would like to leave us a legacy, to avoid confusion could you please leave it to:

"The Rose Road Association (registered charity number 276172) of The Bradbury Centre, 300 Aldermoor Road, Southampton SO16 5NA"

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